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Alpha Dot Inkjet Systems

Wherever you are, a company near you is probably using an ink jet printer to identify their products. These identification marks accompany the products through the manufacturing, distribution and retail environments. Alpha Dot manufactures one of the widest ranges of coding machines available on the market today.

Alpha Dot ink jet printers are used around the World by such companies as Proctor & Gamble, MM Mars, Nestle, Smith Kline Beecham, Colgate Palmolive and Bristol Myers.

Alpha Dot's versatile large character ink jet printers - the Midjet range, uses tried and tested valve technology. The new Merlin Hi-Res range is the next generation of ink jet printers using the latest "piezo" print head technology givming you crisp, clear print time after time.

Alpha Dot understands the importance of easy-to-use, user-friendly software and with this in mind they have produced their own Microsoft WindowsTM software. This software enables their ink jet printers to be controlled remotely as part of a network or secure system.

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