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Poly Bags

Landsberg Engineered Packaging Solutions is your best source for a vast range of converter films, custom bags, and other polyethylene and polypropylene products for the food, beverage, publishing, industrial, and hardware products markets.

Packing your product in a plastic bag. Most customers start out manually stuffing their product into a bag which has one end open. A seal is created by placing a bag into a rotary sealer. When you need to pack a lot of bags, it's time to consider machinery that can fill and seal the bag automatically.

Features and Benefits
A good method to contain multiple parts or items as a sub-assembly, or to protect any product and/or food item. FDA approved bags are available.

Suggested Product Applications
Computer cables, parts, screws, cookies, spices, toys, electronics, seeds, etc.

Poly bags offer a tremendous advantage when it comes to print quality on the bag itself or a display header card. They can also hang on a hook or peg board.

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