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Landsberg Engineered Packaging Solutions offer a selection of flexible films for various industries: Bakery, Confectionary, Snack, Meat & Poultry, Cheese, Produce, etc

Our ability to tie in Machinery, Service, and Consumable films to run on the equipment sets us apart from other packaging companies.

Aroma & Flavor Packaging
The aromatic groceries need superior packaging items to retain their aroma and flavor. Examples of groceries are: coffee, tea, milk, pasta, rice, powdered soup etc. The packing items range from a variety of pouches, bags with lamination or solvent-based. The laminated multi-layer material ensures the protection of these dry groceries from water vapor and aroma loss. Further, these items can also be vacuum packed for protection or gas flushed to extend shelf life.

Blister Packaging
This process takes a thermoformed piece of hard plastic (the "blister") and heat seals it over your product on a treated printed card.

Chilled Food Item Packaging
Packaging items made of PET, Nylon, PE lamination have high strength under frozen conditions and therefore best suited for packing frozen food products. Standing pouches are used for refrigerated products and retortable pouches are ideal for frozen and refrigerated meals.

Clam Shell Packaging
A piece of rigid plastic is thermoformed to create a case or "clamshell" for your product. The front and back of the clamshell are attached by a plastic hinge. Clamshells are designed to snap together for easy closure.

Confectionary, Bakery Items & Cheese Packaging
Polypropylenes, Polyethelenes and Metalized barrier films, are the most common structures used for these products. A typical machine would be a horizontal form fill see PFM.

Custom Poly Bags
Polypropylene bags have long been the choice for product presentation and preserving freshness. Excellent clarity coupled with vapor and moisture barrier properties make these bags perfect for displaying product and keeping it fresh. Use for food, greeting cards, potpourri - anything that needs an extra nice appearance.

Flexible Roll Stock and Bags
Your best source for a vast range of shrink and overwrap film, converter film, custom bags, and other polyethylene products for the food, beverage, publishing, industrial, and building products markets.

Inkjet Coding Inks
We carry advanced performance inks formulated to adhere to many substrates and suitable for diverse industrial applications. These include inks for applications such as confectionery and wrappings for food, biscuits, cigarette cartons and bottles. These inks have excellent adhesion properties, can withstand pasteurisation and are designed for use in wet environments. In addition we offer parts and support for your product coding and marking equipment.

Liquid Products Packaging
Various types of fruit juices, oils, chemicals and other drinks are packed in items produced from laminated film with barrier properties. Other materials include; PET bottles, pouches, caps, and lids.

Shrink Film & Bags
The shrink wrap process places a sealed plastic bag over your product. The bagged product then moves through a heat tunnel, where the bag shrinks down to the exact size of your product.

Skin Packaging
This process takes a sheet of soft flexible film, heats it, then vacuums the film down over your product on a coated board.

Snack Food Packaging
Most snacks are today packaged in a Metalized film for product freshness and graphic stand out ability. We offer a variety of films to run on Vertical bagging equipment that offer great seal ability and extended freshness.

Strapping and Banding
Plastic strapping, plastic strapping machinery, steel strapping tools and accessories for plastic and steel strapping.

Stretch Wrapping
Securing boxes or bags of any product to a pallet for safe shipment and dust free storage. Semi-automatic or automatic stretch wrapping equipment can lower material and labor costs. And by using machinery to wrap your loads, greater load containment can be achieved, which reduces damage during transit.

Taping: Industrial & Specialty
Box Sealing Tapes are available in a variety of lengths, widths and colors to meet your specific needs. Plus, we offer a complete line of security tapes with built-in deterrent features to address most tampering and pilfering problems.

Vacuum Product Packaging
Vacuum pouches make perfect packaging material for packaging of meat, chicken, fish, and industrial components. Having the required strength, seal-ability and product protection features, the co-extruded pouches are highly functional in retaining the taste, aroma and integrity of each product. Vacuum packaging provides a high moisture barrier as well.

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